Saturday, January 28, 2006

Louis Zukofsky, 55 Poems, 1935


Stubbing the cloud-fields - the searchlight, high
In the roseate twilight of rain-sky, green! green spring
In the heavens mild in the spring; or down suddenly
Earthwards, plunge deep suddenly earthwards,
Like escape, stampede of cattle horns, ghastly, ghastly
Their giant heads invisible for joy, grief, cavalcade, plunge earthwards,
And into our hearts, O sacrifice,
But we emerge! (emerge upon a level roof that fronts the sky,
The skylight of your room to rear,)
So we can breathe, the rain air and the spring
Ours, till again it moves along the sky
Down or up, machine-rayed, powerful!

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citta vecchio

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