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Sunday, April 11, 2004

To have a rendezvous with infinity will be the ultimate in human achievement.
Norman Cousins

Picking orange daffodils in minefields.

On an old Soviet ME-8 helicopter flying deep into Laos.

Out to a Red Sea resort on the Sinai Peninsula.

Waiting to book a room in the Ryugyong Hotel.

Exquisite ice flowers and blue lips in Greenland.

On a Silversea verandah, sailing down the Amazon.

In Corfu smashing crockery on Easter Sunday.

Driving to St Tropez in an MG with the canvas down.

Scaling sea mounts and watching whale sharks.

Illegal whale hunting in the Azores.

Eating roots and drinking rum in Prague bars.

Fun with Jordan Maze in a bath at Hotel Pariz.

Months in a Tunisian hotel multiplex with golf clubs and gin.

Dancing in mountain storms and gulping white liquor.

Unpacking slide-action rifles in a colonial-style guest house.

Hopping around the Ionian Islands like a flea.

Having a lovely time on the Golan Heights.

Wet t-shirts on the 38th Parallel.

Following the Moon along the Great Wall of China.

Flirting with a 40-something on a train to Milan.

White wine spritzers freeze at the summit of K-2.

Ultra-violet rays wash skin with vitamins.

Shooting eagles against cyclones in Arizona.

Looking down on galleys from a dusty side street in Rhodes.

Back in the shade for Feta cheese and olives and arguments.

Dribbling spittle onto black sand in Tenerife.

Sweating out fever and fun on Cockatoo Island.

Attacked by a tiger while napping in a military jeep.

Backpack full of biscuits and maps.

Courting an Inuit on a quick stopover.

Hurtling face-first down Swiss slopes.

Horseback riding on the West Coast.

Watching seasons change on the Channel Islands.

Affordable prices in Thai bars.

A small haven of enemy fire in the Khugan valley.

A pilgrimage to the centre of the site map.

The latest Vasco da Gama:

I will see everything because it's on my itinerary

There's no there, there.
Gertrude Stein

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Friday, April 02, 2004

More product: the kid stays in the picture

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