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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Wield Pucci-esque shades of aquamarine with authority and yet some wonder! Try tan bronze eye shadow and beige lipstick, and they still ask! Lean, luxe, beaded dresses with scattered gemstones, feathers, fringes. How to reply? With crocheted boleros: eye-popping, maximum, maximum, deep-purple, chartreuse, turquoise. DO NOT WEAR equally bright pieces. DO NOT WEAR dove-grey rabbit tippet, faux leopard Russian boots. Autumn now wheeling, rutting, rucking, everything cheap, but wait: low-waisted with flapper fans, fanfare, fix-up. Very vintage: Polish medals added. Sleeveless shirt and leopard-print bra, skirt with nipped-in waist. It's nothing! It's zero effort, maximum impact! Did this cry out for crepe de chine tie neck blouse? Singed-flower detail, antique ivory and gold-drop? Pure drapes, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads? Apologies, yes, for decoration, maximum effort, deep folds and precise pleats, peacock feathers, plastic hoops. Eyes all based on peacock feathers, line of turquoise inside the eye, turn on lashes: Nomad luxe re-illuminate formulas, a plum with gold shiver, soothed and conditioned. The mirage, mess and curl, coloration, coral-studded, very brittle! How you perforate - new mXimum line, cock, spruce, cockateel, afformentioned PEACOCK, plus proxy [ - - - ] Decor trace, ink line dilation, tatoo bruise, skin grafts, puffy patches, circles of pink. Maximum maximum. Maximum emotion expended on abnormal luxury. Please be vivid, please be vivid. It will work for you.

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