Saturday, April 24, 2004


It's suddenly spring and everybody wants to tear off ties and bicker and kiss in wine bars.

There's sweat, hot breath, perfume, tension. Lonely black walls with tags and torsos ripped down. Somewhere in this city, surely, there's got to be

Oh No! The sun is too hot so let's wait for the breeze tonight or until we get sand between toes, tanned legs, salty hair. We're reading bikini lines off backs and freckles show up and skin peels

therefore we're acclimatised.

But. No. Wait. City walls wilt in heat and despite the dreadful congestion there's nobody around to share it with so generate a couple of dreams and maybe they will occur now and then.

Espresso in the shade, a dark bob with white cheeks and extra-pink lips plus terse smile.

Or, catch nails half-painted with star bolts and cresent moons. She hid them so fast I wasn't quite sure I did. Doesn't matter

effect sustained. She threw me a look and I caught it and then dropped it

dashed it all over the floor.

Running along the road in high heels and black tights she's holding up her skirt and she made an impression

didn't she. didn't she.

Except no one except in the creased coat...

I love this it's better than hate and if this is your fate then take it but otherwise carry on and don't count down time whatever you do don't think of anything and just wait and don't think about it

a bus range a route to go and meet at the other end we'll grab dinner or something
maybe each other

for a drink after work and hit a stride and go home tonight and wait days maybe
maybe not

let me share the sunlight at least and not digest it alone there's too much of it to waste

gaze and gaze again

who makes you go


I like her because she walks into things and because she wears glasses and takes them off to let her hair down.

I like her because I've yet to speak to her about rubbish love and other sly traps but not much longer if ever

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citta vecchio

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